Luxe company who required the corporate identity, the packaging and the promotional advertising is the company specializing within clothing and collective accessories business based in New York. The goal of Luxe is to produce something completely unique and free of sweatshop labour, but also to design innovative clothing and accessories free from passing trends.

The inspiration for the design came from vintage culture, skateboarders lifestyle as well as from New York City (subway was a strong inspiration for the visual identity).

This range of Luxe products has been designed for skateboarders (people who are constantly active any busy). They are usually (about 90%) males in age 14-19. Behind the massive pants and little moving wheels, there lies hidden a quiet sort of wisdom in the skateboarders. Skateboarding is an art and passion, just like the Luxe products that has been designed with love and passion especially for them.

  • Title: LUXE
  • Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver
  • Project Year: 2011