The aim of the project was to promote the Donegal through new media. The whole strategy was driven by different communication platforms with insight view into multi channel strategy.

The Target Audience for this project has been defined as an international (excluding Irish people). It aims mainly at the tourists interested in the outdoor activities located within the Donegal’s Inishowen 100 area.

Theme based tourism destination promotion allowed to create a new way of branding the
Inishowen 100. Destination place is promoted with the use of different themes that are targeted at different audiences. Theme based promotion of Inishowen 100 focuses around three categories: outdoor, culture and heritage.

The project shown here presents the execution of the outdoor theme. Part of Master’s Project.



  • Title: Inishowen 100
  • Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects
  • Project Year: 2013